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Is there anything better than a family member finding old faded photographs?

Uncle Jack uncovered a trove.  You don’t have to know these people to enjoy these photos.  They invoke what I imagine to be a simpler time, if only because the world was black sepia and white back then.


"The Rough Riders"

That’s my Uncle Jack, my Mom, and Debby Van Dyke, with Jill Jane (Debby’s dog).  The still photograph camera ("picture machine") had just been invented. 


"Show Us Your Kneecaps!"

Mother and Uncle Jack in 1943.  My mother’s hair was blonde when she was younger.  This was at a time when girls wore dresses.  It was also customary at the time for young boys to wear wide belts and shorts hiked up to their chest.  Fun fact: This is the last known photo of my mother in which she had her eyes open.


"Fighting Over The Remote"

My mother and Uncle Jack roughhousing, during the McCarthy Era.  Moments after this photo was taken, Jack Webb appeared out of nowhere and warned everybody about the evils of "the Red Menace".


"Twas Beauty Killed The Beast"

This is my mother.  You can tell from her hairstyle that she was performing in USO shows at the time. 

In this picture, she is strangling the family dog (Clancy).  It was a phase; she outgrew it I’m told.  Although, I find it odd that after all us kids went off to college, the family cat — who had been just fine all the years we grew up in that house — suddenly "died".  Hmmmmm….

UPDATED to make corrections and additions.  Mater would like me to know that she does NOT appreciate photos posted of her in which she is wearing her pajamas, so let’s all pretend that she’s wearing a kimono.