Am I Broadway Bound?

Ken AshfordTheatreLeave a Comment

Having told a few people that I am in the world premiere of a new play called "The Nebula of Georgia", and that the play is in development for a limited Off-Broadway run by the Abingdon Theatre (in NYC), and that the director of my little production might be the same one who is going to direct it in New York….

I am frequently asked, "Well, is there a possibility that you might be tapped to play the role in the New York production?"

My answer: "Right.  Because that’s how it works.  I move from New York (where I never tried to be an actor anyway) to Winston-Salem, where I work as a lawyer while doing community theatre, and that’s how I end up on the legitimate New York stage, bypassing the countless thousands of younger actors who are standing in long lines auditioning and auditioning."

Shorter answer: "Only in fantasyland."

Even shorter answer: "Uh, no."