You Have To Wonder….

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I understand that many on the right really really really hate Islam — the entire religion — simply because of the extremist element within that religion contain some terribly bad people.

But you have to wonder about a winger who is do dedicated to his anti-Islamic beliefs that he says he will commit suicide as a sign of protest against Islam, and the liberals who (in his mind) allows it to prosper.

A hardcore right wing blogger named Ronald Barbour did just that.  From his final post, dated Feb. 19:

I understand the ______ building is more than 150 feet tall. At the time of my last recon I noticed easy access to the roof that would allow someone to leap to their death to the parking lot below. I’m not an expert in these matters, but if I recall from my physics classes in college at 100 feet a falling object reaches a speed of about 100 MPH. This means that the falling man would hit the pavement at a speed great enough to cause instant death. I understand that over the years since the construction of this building several persons have died by jumping from this structure.

I plan to make such a leap. I do this in memory of the several hundred victims on 9/11 who jumped off the World Trade Center as a means of avoiding burning to death, and the over 3,000 American soldiers killed fighting Islamofascism in Iraq and Afghanistan. A parallel reason is a protest against the American Left and the Democrat Party who have stabbed the Armed Forces in the back in the early stages of what is shaping up to be The Third World War.


What I did is not suicide. It is the action of a patriot and idealist who loves God and Country, and who makes a very public statement as a warning of a New Dark Age that looks America straight in the face armed with a hideous ideology that makes the German Nazis or Russian Communists look like bleeding heart liberals. I hope my fellow Countrymen will rally once gain in the defense of liberty no matter how long and hard the struggle.

Here’s his obit.

P.S.  It’s important to note that this person probably was not particularly balanced.  After all, according to a reprint of a Florida Today article on his blog, Barbour spent time in federal prison for attempting to assassinate Bill Clinton.  (Barbour claimed he was framed).