Two Days, Two Points Of View

Ken AshfordBush & Co., DisastersLeave a Comment

President Bush, yesterday, to the Conservative Political Action Conference, criticizing Democrats:

“They tend to think Washington has the answers to our problems…”

President Bush, today, on tornado damage:

"People have got to understand here in the region that a lot of folks around America care for them. And I’m here to listen, to determine — to make sure that the federal response is compassionate and effective. I don’t want people to think something is going to happen that’s not going to happen. And therefore when we say something is going to happen to help them get their feet back on the ground, it will happen."

One wonders what would happen if Bush delivered his "Washington shouldn’t help" rhetoric to the people of the devestated tornado regions in the South.

But it always amazes me how we can elect people who are hostile to government to actually RUN the biggest government in the world.  It’s kind of like putting Ralph Nader at the head of General Motors.  And then complaining about the results.