The Whole World Is Watching

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Obamas_grandmotherSomewhere in Kenya there is a small village named Nyangoma Kogalo.  It is accessible only by a dirt road.  Women work the fields of maize and sugar, as have thay have done for centuries.

And somewhere in that town is an 86 year old woman named Sarah, living in a modest house with a corrugated tin roof.

Many years ago, Sarah’s son went to the United States on a scholarship.  He did well, and married a woman from Kansas.  He later returned to Kenya where he became an economist for the Kenyan government.

That man, whose name is Barack Obama, had a son.  And that son, named Barack Obama Jr., is running for President of the United States.

Barack Obama, Sr. died in a car accident in 1982, but his grandmother, still in that village, is "on pins and needles" about today’s results.

Pretty cool.

Pictured above: Sarah Hussein Obama, holding a photo of her and her grandson.

See also:  A 2004 BBC article on the extended Obama family.