Hooked On Lost

Ken AshfordPopular CultureLeave a Comment

Dammit, they got me.

It’s been a while since I tuned in, or even thought about, the show.  But I caught the Season 4 debut last night (via TIVO), and I think they still have me.

It was tough pulling the threads together.  Where did we leave off on all the storylines?  But I think I got it.  Charlie is dead.  The rescuers are coming, but Ben and Locke insist that nobody leave the island or something bad will happen.  Yeah, yeah.  I think I got it.  Makes it a little harder though to piece it together, especially when they use flashbacks and flashforwards.

I hope I won’t ruin this for anyone, but — for those of you who watch — you do know what’s going on here right?  I mean, the "thing" about the island — the Dharma Initiative — is it’s about time travel and alternate timelines.  That’s why dead people can appear in the future, and all that.

Not sure about that shack though.

It looks like the writers of the show are not changing direction and instead of giving clues and plot points to confuse you, they’re going to start putting pieces together.  Well, they have to at this point.  They’ve only got two seasons to have this series make sense.

That said, I was just about to give up on the show when — bam — they introduce a new character.  And it’s played by an actor I’ve always liked — Jeremy Davies.  So, I’m still with it.