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Vice President Cheney Returning To South Texas On Hunting Trip:

Vice President Dick Cheney will be in South Texas this weekend for another hunting trip on the same ranch where he was involved in a hunting accident back in February of 2005. Cheney’s press office confirmed that he is heading to the Armstrong Ranch, six miles south of Sarita, in Kenedy County just off of Highway 77.

Exact details were unavailable because Cheney is heading to hunt on private property and it is a security concern. However, it is confirmed that, in fact, the V.P. will be coming to the Armstrong Ranch on Friday afternoon. His press office told KRIS-6 News that he does plan to spend a weekend hunting but it is unclear who he will be with.

This is the same place where the V.P. accidentally sprayed Austin lawyer Harry Whittington with birdshot over his face and torso while they wer both hunting quail. Whittington was halo flighted to Spohn Memorial in Corpus Christi, and that is where four Blackhawk helicopters were preforming training procedures to gear up for the V.P.’s visit.

Somehow, I don’t think Whittington will be in the hunting party this time….