Obama Gets Kennedy Endorsement

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I think the media makes much more of endorsements than the general public.  I mean, does anyone vote based on a newspaper’s endorsement?  Or a celebrity’s?  Or another politician’s?  I don’t think so. [UPDATE:  Well, maybe I’m wrong…]

Still, Kennedy’s endorsement of Obama is a nice coup for that campaign.  And coming off of Obama’s South Carolina win 28-point blowout, it may be the start of some genuine mo’ heading into Super Duper Tuesday.

He’s gonna need it, as this WSJ graph shows:


UPDATE:  For those who missed it, here’s why I’m leaning toward Obama.  It’s his victory speech from SC.  No, he doesn’t shine in debates, but this is where he shines:

MORE:  From TPM:

You cannot overestimate the significance of the Kennedy endorsement of Obama.

Suddenly Obama has become the candidate of generational change just as JFK was. His youth is transformed from a possible negative to a huge selling point. The message is that the world cannot be changed by leaders who evoke a previous generation.

As an early baby boomer, I’m a little sad to see late boomer Obama wrest the torch from our aging fingers.

But it’s time. We’ve had two Presidents –Clinton and W — and now its our younger brothers and sisters time.

There is no guarantee Obama will win or that he can change America the way we need to be changed. JFK was followed by Johnson and Nixon, two relics of the 1950’s.

But it is JFK (along with those other "kids," RFK and MLK) who still inspire us and who continue to remind the world that America was once something special, and can be again.

I think Obama will go all the way. But I can’t be sure of it. One thing I am sure of is that it’s his time. I talk to many kids (DC is full of them, some of the best in this country) and I haven’t met a single one who isn’t for Obama (okay, asome are for Edwards).

Call me a self-hating 60’s person but I’m happy to stand with the kids, with change and with the best parts of the Kennedy legacy.

That is what being a 60’s radical was all about. I’m old, the ideas remain young.

Yeah, it’s weird.  Obama is only 2 years older than me.