Jonah Goldberg on TDS

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Even without (apparently) reading the book, Stewart pounces on some of the fundamental flaws of Goldberg’s dreadful new book Liberal Fascism:

CoverThe book, whose thesis is that liberals are really fascists, is generating a lot of pixels on blogs.  Some of the criticism is of the let’s-have-some-fun-with-Goldberg variety; others are quite serious takedowns (most notable, this review by Dave Neiwart [also check out the follow-ups on his blog])

Some of Goldberg’s arguments are stupifying devoid of logic.  Foe example, he notes that the fascist Nazis advocated health foods and organic lifestyles.  So too, he points out, do modern day liberals.  And therefore, he concludes, liberals are fascists.

He seems to confuse fascism, loosely defined as totalitarian regimes infused with total (and violent) annihilation — politically and militarily — of all oposition, with statism, which is the notion that governments can solve problems.  So Hillary’s book "It Takes A Village" becomes, to Goldberg, a fascist tract.

He’s a somewhat smarter and better writer than, say, Ann Coulter, but his book is cut from a finer grade of the same cloth.