Election Update

Ken AshfordElection 2008Leave a Comment

On the sidebar at the right, I’ve brought back the "2008 Election Market" information, showing where the candidates are currently trading in the "prediction market" (Intrade).

I’ve also added, courtesy of MyDD, the current delegate count for each party’s race.  This is rather complicated, as many delegates are uncommitted.  And then you have the countroversy regarding the Michigan delegates — delegates who went to HIllary (Michigan is a winner-take-all state), but which may not be recognized by the Democratic National Committee because of the controversy involving Michigan moving up the date of its primary. [UPDATE:  Apparently, there’s a lot of inconsistency in delegate counts]

But anyway, it’s all there.

By the way, this post at The Talent Show — Thoughts On The Democratic Party — is just about what I would write if I had the time.