Tuna Christmas

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From The Winston-Salem Journal, on the subject of Winston-Salem Theatre Alliance’s production of "Tuna Christmas"

Once again, director Jamie Lawrence knows just how to tap body language and voice inflection to convey character after character. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the same actor can inhabit so many different personalities.

Well, credit is certainly due to Jamie Lawson for his direction and vision, but as for tapping the body language and voice inflection?  That kudos goes to Gray Smith and Tim Swift.  Twenty-two over-the-top eccentric charactors, portrayed by just two guys.  Each one got its own unique stamp in the laugh-filled holiday fest.

For those who missed, not to worry.  It’s running again next weekend.  Get yer tickets soon, fer itsa sellin’ faster ‘n blazers at the DQ on a scorcher.