Only My Mom Cares About This Post

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USA Today:

It turns out that Montpelier High School is not one of the Top 10 public schools in the USA.

U.S. News & World Report had listed it as No. 5 in its rankings of the nation’s secondary schools, but the magazine now acknowledges the school really ranked in the nation’s Top 500 public schools. (That still places it in the top 3% of secondary schools.)

"We feel terrible about having gotten it wrong in the first instance," editor Brian Kelly says, according to the Associated Press. "We’re in the business of getting these numbers right. It’s particularly embarrassing that we’re in the business of judging people based on their math scores, and we got our math wrong."

Interestingly enough, the Times Argus says it was Montpelier High School Principal Peter Evans who noticed the mistake and notified the magazine.