Omnibus Post Because Frankly My Plate Is Full

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Ugh.  So much to discuss:

(1)  White House egg-on-the-face: After months of beating the war drums to invade Iraq, it turns out that Iran doesn’t have a nuclear bomb program after all.  As Matt says: "Meanwhile, how outrageous is it that the best twelve months of alarmism from Bush & Cheney have come in the context of an environment where they’ve long had access to the intelligence community’s assessment? Answer: Very outrageous."

(2)  Hillary’s drop in the polls:  Look, it’s early yet.  She’s got money, name recognition, etc.

(3)  The stunning CNN expose on bad kissers aka "news of the obvious"

(4)  New England:  The no’reastern and the Pat’s winning last night (only by virtue of the Colts really losing)

(5)  Silly local news

and perhaps best of all…

(6)  The Catholic Church tries to show how anti-child abuse it is . . with a coloring book.  Apparently, it’s easier to teach a child to flee from a priest than to teach a priest to not improperly touch a child.

but there’s too much on my plate. 

So instead, I’m just gonna plug my show, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever — with performances at the Main Street Baptist Church, N. Main Street, Kernersville, NC; Thursday December 6, Friday December 7, Saturday December 8 at 8:00PM and Sunday December 9 at 3:00PM.; Box Office open 10:00AM-2:00PM, Monday-Friday – Phone 993-6556.

We filled the church for last weekend’s shows.  Expect more of the same this weekend.  Audiences seem to be enjoying it, and I’m getting some well-received praise (well-received by me, natch) for the stage direction (from people who I trust to tell me if it sucks).  The kids worked hard, so come and see them.

Also, I might be filling in for one of the small adult roles on Thursday.  Possibly other performances, too.  But come anyway.