My Year Of Being Sybil

Ken AshfordPersonal, TheatreLeave a Comment

What I have been in the past year:

  • Jewish floor shop owner (Little Shop of Horrors)
  • Army psychiatrist or possibly a hallucination (Bug)
  • Oily nightclub owner (The Full Monty)
  • Unemployed steelworker and bad stripper (The Full Monty)
  • Irish priest (The Full Monty)
  • Repo man (The Full Monty)
  • Gay latino dance instructor (The Full Monty)
  • Bespeckled messenger from God (God’s Favorite)
  • Loutish southern redneck (Daddy’s Dyin’ — Who’s Got The Will?)
  • Racist southern redneck (The Foreigner)

I’ve had my wife walk out on me, been eaten by a plant, stabbed to death and set on fire, smoked crack, had a fireplace crash down on my head, done the macarana and led a conga line.

Hmmm.  Sounds like a song cue….