Dems Virtually Tied In Iowa, NH, SC

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With just slightly more than three weeks until the first nominating contest, three new MSNBC/McClatchy/Mason-Dixon polls show that the Democratic contest isn’t just a dead heat in Iowa — it’s also tied in New Hampshire and South Carolina. In Iowa, Clinton has the lead over Obama, 27%-25% (although that’s within the poll’s 5% margin of error), while Edwards comes in third at 21%. In New Hampshire, it’s Clinton 30%, Obama 27%, and Edwards 10%. And in South Carolina, it’s Clinton 28%, Obama 25%, and Edwards 18%.

Looks like a horserace again….

I’m a long way from figuring out which Dem I will vote for, but I’m leaning 40% Obama, 35% Edwards, and 25% Clinton.  I have yet to take detailed looks at what each has to offer, especially on domestic issues.

UPDATE:  For what it’s worth, techies (stage techies, not computer geeks) endorse Clinton.

ANOTHER UPDATE:  I guess it doesn’t matter, since the Democrats will win under any nominee (unless it is a McCain-Clinton or McCain-Obama battle).  Interestingly, Edwards polls most favorably against any likely Republican nominee.