Church Hero Not So Much A Hero

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For the past couple of days, the rightwing blogosphere has been touting and lauding the security guard who stopped the church shooter in Colorado.

Here’s Instapundit:

COLORADO SHOOTING UPDATE: The "security guard" who stopped the shooter was actually a volunteer parishioner who used her own gun, not a rent-a-cop. Much more from David Hardy, who notes that press coverage tends to obscure this point. Meanwhile, it’s more evidence that people don’t stop killers, people with guns do.

Michell Malkin:

Amid the horror, a glimmer of good news: The culture of self-defense may have saved untold lives.

John Hindraker:

Also, the woman who ended the New Life Church attack by shooting Murray was a parishioner armed with her own gun who confronted Murray–heroically, it’s fair to say–as he entered the church. She apparently was one of several people who volunteered to provide security after word spread of the first attack.


My guess is he figured a church would be a "gun free" zone and he could have his way with those there until police arrived. Like I said the potential for murder was mind-boggling.

But one armed church member, trained and prepared to use her weapon, ended it before it really got started.

That’s how you stop a psychopath.

Way to go, Jeanne.

Christian news service OneNewsNow:

A Christian who lobbies to protect the Second Amendment says the shootings at two Colorado ministries Sunday prove the wisdom of law-abiding citizens carrying concealed firearms for self-defense.

Yay, guns!  This story proves the point — if ordinary people had guns, they would stop these killers!  So arm up, y’all!

Um …..sadly this breaking news throws some water on the party:

Autopsy results show Murray, who was kicked out of a missionary training center where the first shooting occurred, killed himself, police said.

I don’t think this undermines the bravery of the woman who shot at (and apparently missed [UPDATE: latest reports say she struck him several times]) the assailant, but it really doesn’t serve as an anecdotal example of armed citizens stopping crime.