101 Christmas Specials Online …from Fanpop

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This nice linkable compilation is from the folks at Fanpop.  (Believe it or not, they have another list of 101 Christmas specials too!)

The Essentials
I’m reposting these from last year’s list because these are the items most people want to see. If you can only watch a couple of holiday specials, these are the ones to watch. This is the proverbial ‘hall of fame’ of Christmas programming.

1. It’s a Wonderful Life (click to watch)

2. A Charlie Brown Christmas (click to watch)

3. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (click to watch)

4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (click to watch)

5. Frosty the Snowman (click to watch)

6. A Christmas Story Movie (click to watch)

Cartoons, Animation & Puppets
It’s just not Christmas without all the cartoon holiday specials. While the titles in this year’s list might be a little more obscure than those from last year, I’m certain there’s something for everyone in this part of the list.

7. The Secret World of Santa (click to watch)

8. Robotboy – Christmas Evil (click to watch)

9. Stroker & Hoop – A Cold, Dead, White Christmas (click to watch)

10. Pucca Christmas Special (click to watch)

11. A Chipmunk Christmas (click to watch)

12. South Park – A Very Crappy Christmas (click to watch)

13. South Park – Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics (click to watch)

14. Bah Humduck – A Looney Tunes Christmas (click to watch)

15. Samurai Pizza Cats Christmas Special (click to watch)

16. Justice League Christmas Special (click to watch)

17. X-Men Cartoon – Have Yourself a Morlock Little Christmas (click to watch)

18. Pinky & The Brain Christmas Special (click to watch)

19. A Johnny Bravo Christmas (click to watch)

20. Rocko’s Modern Christmas (click to watch)

21. Frosty Returns (click to watch)

22. Animaniacs Christmas (click to watch)

23. Tiny Toons Adventures Christmas Episode (click to watch)

24. The Berenstein Bears Christmas Tree (click to watch)

25. A Christmas Story (click to watch)

26. Bill & Mandy Save Christmas (click to watch)

27. Caspar’s First Christmas (click to watch)

28. Yogi’s First Christmas (click to watch)

29. The Adventures of Gumby – Scrooge Loose (click to watch)

30. A Special Sesame Street Christmas (click to watch)

Take a break from the Christmas cartoons and learn a little about Christmas in Yellowstone or about the making of Band Aid’s "Do They Know It’s Christmas"…

31. The Making of How the Grinch Stole Christmas (click to watch)

32. Christmas in Yellowstone (click to watch)

33. Do They Know It’s Christmas Documentary (click to watch)

34. A Visit to Santa (1963) – Christmas Around the World (click to watch)

Old School Christmas Programs
I dig the old-school, black-and-white programs. It’s a great way to see how people viewed the holidays a half century ago.

35. A Pup’s First Christmas – Short Cartoon (click to watch)

36. Snow Foolin’ – Short Cartoon (click to watch)

37. Santa Claus’ Punch and Judy (click to watch)

38. The Night Before Christmas – 1903 Silent Film (click to watch)

39. Laurel & Hardy: Big Business, Christmas Trees (click to watch)

40. Scrooge – 1935 Feature Film (click to watch)

41. Alfred Hitchcock – Santa Claus and the 10th Avenue Kid (click to watch)

42. The Jack Benny Program – Christmas Shopping (click to watch)

43. The Night Before Christmas – 1946 Version (click to watch)

Parodies & Humor
It’s easy to poke fun at the crass over-commercialization of Christmas and all its attendant excesses. It’s no wonder that once again we have a fine selection of clips that skewer this beloved holiday.

44. The Twelve Pains of Christmas (click to watch)

45. A Very Special Clone High Snowflake Special (click to watch)

46. The Twelve Days of Christmas – Indian Style (click to watch)

47. Robot Chicken Christmas Special (click to watch)

48. Denis Leary’s Merry F$*!@*n Christmas (click to watch)

The Christmas sitcom episode is a time-honored tradition. Queue the laugh track and get ready for some comedy.

49. Growing Pains – A Christmas Story (click to watch)

50. Friends: The One With Christmas in Tulsa (click to watch)

51. Fraiser – Mary Christmas (click to watch)

52. Frasier – The Fight Before Christmas (click to watch)

53. Sabrina the Teenage Witch (click to watch)

54. That 70s Show – Christmas (click to watch)

55. That 70s Show – Hyde’s Christmas Rager (click to watch)

56. The Nanny – Christmas Special (click to watch)

57. Boy Meets World – A Very Topanga Christmas (click to watch)

58. Alice – A Semi-Merry Christmas (click to watch)

59. Alice – Mel’s Christmas Carol (click to watch)

60. The Vicar of Dibley – Christmas Special (click to watch)

61. Full House – A Very Tanner Christmas (click to watch)

62. Welcome Back Kotter Christmas Special (click to watch)

63. Doris Day Christmas Episode (click to watch)

64. McHale’s Navy – The Day They Captured Santa (click to watch)

Crime & Christmas
In looking at some of the clips available this year, I was struck by the number of videos that dealt with bad behavior during the holidays.

65. Rambo Cartoon: When S.A.V.A.G.E. Stole Santa (click to watch)

66. Sherlock Holmes – The Christmas Pudding (click to watch)

67. Scarecrow & Mrs. King – The Long Christmas Eve (click to watch)

68. The Racket Squad – The Santa Scam (click to watch)

80s Nostalgia
Now if I only had a G.I. Joe Christmas special we’d be all set…

69. He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special (click to watch)

70. Christmas Comes to Pac-Land (click to watch)

71. The Cabbage Patch Kids’ First Christmas (click to watch)

72. ALF Christmas Special (click to watch)

73. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Alien Christmas (click to watch)

Because people in space and in the future celebrate Christmas too. Even people in a galaxy far, far away (click for the Star Wars Holiday special which isn’t in the main list since it was covered last year).

74. MST3K – Santa Claus (click to watch)

75. SDF Macross – Christmas Episode (click to watch)

76. Dr. Who – The Christmas Invasion (click to watch)

Holiday Songs & Music
Christmas wouldn’t be the same without all the great music. Sure some might say holiday music is hokey, but that’s ok. I like hokey. I’ve even thrown in Adam Sandler’s Chanukah Song for good measure (I know, different holiday – but it’s still a great tune!).

77. The Muppets with John Denver: The Twelve Days of Christmas (click to watch)

78. Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Christmas Song (click to watch)

79. Carrie Underwood: Do You Hear What I Hear (click to watch)

80. Destiny’s Child: 8 Days of Christmas (click to watch)

81. Chris Brown: This Christmas (click to watch)

82. Jackson 5: Santa Claus is Coming to Town (click to watch)

83. Bon Jovi: Please Come Home for Christmas (click to watch)

84. Frank Sinatra: Merry Little Christmas (click to watch)

85. The Carpenters: The Christmas Song (click to watch)

86. Adam Sandler: The Chanukah Song (click to watch)

Advertising – the real meaning of Christmas. Um, well, not really but you know what I mean.

87. Coca Cola Polar Bears (click to watch)

88. Nintendo 64 Holiday Ad (click to watch)

89. 80s Oreo Cookie Commercial (click to watch)

90. Victoria’s Secret – Heidi Klum Sings Santa Baby (click to watch)

Viral Christmas Videos
Because you will always be subjected to your distant cousin or long-lost friend sending you links to these videos long after you originally watched them on YouTube.

91. Christmas Fight! Two Toddlers Battle Over a Gift (click to watch)

92. Dick in a Box (click to watch)

93. Crazy Christmas Light Display (click to watch)

94. Rabid Child Gets Nintendo 64 from Santa (click to watch)

The Weird, Wacky and Awful 😉
Last year’s list included the twin abominations of the Star Wars Holiday Special and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Once again, through the help of my fellow Fanpoppers, I present some of the most awful holiday entertainment known to humankind.

95. Nick & Jessica – A Family Christmas (click to watch)

96. Twisted Sister: Oh Come All Ye Faithful (click to watch)

97. First Dog Barney’s Holiday Extravaganza – Featuring G.W. Bush (click to watch)

98. Ozzy Osbourne & Jessica Simpson: Winter Wonderland (click to watch)

99. Santa and the Fairy Snow Queen (click to watch)

100. The Christmas Dream – 1950 (click to watch)

101. The Santa Claus Story (click to watch)