The Skipping Crowd

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I didn’t see the Patriots-Colts game this weekend, but aside from it not being a Patriots blowout, there was another strange anomoly.

Check out this YouTube video, and in particular the noise of the crowd:

What’s that about?  This:

In the past, teams that have visited the RCA Dome have questioned whether the Colts pipe in artificial crowd noise in an effort to disrupt the road team’s offense. Though the Colts have denied any such chicanery (thanks, Tiki), the suspicions remain.

And the suspicions will only grow stronger after Sunday’s game against New England. During the first play of the fourth quarter, the noise from the crowd contained a strange effect. It almost sounded like my kid was working the "Whammy Bar" while playing Guitar Hero.

We don’t know whether that noise could be heard in the stadium, but it was obvious on CBS’ broadcast. And it invites speculation as to whether the Colts are indeed piping in phony music — and whether there was a malfunction of some sort on Sunday that offered proof of it.