Million March For God

Ken AshfordGodstuff2 Comments

It’s scheduled for October 11, 2008, in Washington, DC (really, would you hold a "million march" anywhere else?) so mark your calandars.

It looks like it’s the pipe dream of two guys who don’t have much experience in this kind of thing.  One of them, Joel Cody, has "been involved" with organizations such as the Pan-African Society and Guardian Angels. He has also "promoted the Million Man and Woman marches" and "proposed tougher legislation for firearms", so you know he’s the right guy to organize this.

But perhaps I am being too harsh.  After all, they have an impressive list of supporters (several trees) and an equally impressive list of backers (wispy clouds).

So what’s going to happen at this shindig?  Well, pretty much what you would expect.  A million people marching for God.  And gospel artists (they hope).  And also, for some reason, a lot of talk about health care, specifically stuff like this:

So who will control these doctors?  How about God?  If they are true men of God, and they take their Oath to heart, thou shall not harm, then we should be able to trust them.  But, even if they are not men of God, this does not make them bad doctors, it will come down to individual choices. 

We do not believe that Western Medicine has all the answers. People should be free to make choices outside of conventional Western Medicine and not suffer not being able to do so.  Prayer holds a lot of healing.  Herbs have been proven effective for centuries, well beyond modern day medicine and synthetic drugs.  In fact, look at all the side effects of any synthetic drug.  Are there alternatives that doctors are NOT allowed to use?  You bet.
Ummm.  Okay.
I think they’re also going to lose a lot of people with this sentiment:
I hope to offend the press, Big government, Big Business, Big Establsihed Religions and everyone in between.
I guess he’s saying that this "Million March 4 God" is for 4 fringe religions only.
Some other sentiments expressed by the organizers of the march:
"God created the 7 races.." [Hmmm.  I wasn’t aware there were seven…]
"And before another argument breaks out, God is both male and female, and yet neither at the same time."
But the prize has to go to the poster for the event…Millionmarchforgodborder
…with the attractive image not unlike a man defecating on the Capital steps.  Come on, guys.  Where are your PR graphics people?
UPDATE:  Joel Cody himself responds in the comments.