Greenpeace Whale-Naming

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Humpback_wideweb__430x273_2When whales are rescued, they get tagged.  They also get a rather unimaginative name — something like "Willy" (from Free Willy).

Greenpeace has a poll where you can name the next rescued whale.

Most of the choices are very earthy and multicultural.  For example:

Aiko – means ‘little love’ in Japanese

Gana – means ‘song’ in Hindi

Kigai – means ‘strong spirit’ in Japanese

Nurani – means ‘conscience in Bahasa Indonesia

Talei – means ‘special, rare or extremely valuable’ in Fijian

They also through in one joke-y name.  Well, with the polls almost closed, guess which whale name is prevailing:


Looks like a runaway for Mister Splashy Pants, although you can still vote.