Don’t Pay Attention To Politics? Don’t Know Who You Favor?

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The Smartselect website will ask you a series of questions relating to your views on various issues, as well as how strongly you feel about that issue (for example, you may be opposed to gun control, but you don’t care about that issue as strongly as you do, say, the Iraq War issue).

It then matches your positions with those of the candidates, both Republican and Democrat (even including the satire candidate, Steven Colbert). 

Not surprisingly, I’m an Obama man, although I’m somewhat surprised that John Edwards scored comparatively low for me.

1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate   (100%)
2. Barack Obama   (89%)Information link 
3. Joseph Biden   (85%)Information link 
4. Alan Augustson (campaign suspended)   (84%)Information link 
5. Hillary Clinton   (83%)Information link 
6. Wesley Clark (not running, endorsed Clinton)   (83%)Information link 
7. Dennis Kucinich   (82%)Information link 
8. Al Gore (not announced)   (81%)Information link 
9. Christopher Dodd   (78%)Information link 
10. Bill Richardson   (76%)Information link 
11. John Edwards   (76%)Information link 
12. Michael Bloomberg (says he will not run)   (74%)Information link 
13. Mike Gravel   (62%)Information link 
14. Ron Paul   (52%)Information link 
15. Kent McManigal (campaign suspended)   (48%)Information link 
16. Elaine Brown   (44%)Information link 
17. Mike Huckabee   (37%)Information link 
18. John McCain   (36%)Information link 
19. Tommy Thompson (withdrawn, endorsed Giuliani)   (32%)Information link 
20. Rudolph Giuliani   (31%)Information link 
21. Newt Gingrich (says he will not run)   (26%)Information link 
22. Chuck Hagel (not running)   (25%)Information link 
23. Mitt Romney   (24%)Information link 
24. Alan Keyes   (24%)Information link 
25. Sam Brownback (withdrawn, endorsed McCain)   (21%)Information link 
26. Fred Thompson   (20%)Information link 
27. Tom Tancredo   (15%)Information link 
28. Jim Gilmore (withdrawn)   (9%)Information link 
29. Stephen Colbert (campaign ended)   (8%)Information link 
30. Duncan Hunter   (8%)Information link 

Have at it….