Domestic Dog Violence

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112707_2Bo, the big one, apparently decided he had had enough of the little one’s antics.  Arrow is now missing 1/3rd of his right ear.  He is bandaged for a couple of days, and has to wear a lampshade until Wednesday.

Arrow doesn’t mind the missing ear part.  He minds that bandage a little.  But he really HATES the lampshade.  He keeps snagging it on wall corners, the floor, his paws.  Here he is planting himself, intending never to move again unless he carried from point A to point B.

I’m not sure if this is a one-time incident, or a major problem in the making.  It apparently happened when I was out of the house (although I can’t be sure it happened the way I described it; I never did find the ear part.  It could have been a neighbor’s dog or maybe Arrow snagged it on a fence).  Anyway, Bo is in the doghouse (metaphorically speaking) and I’m keeping an eye on the two of them.

UPDATE:  Maybe he needs one of these from now on.