Who Celebrities Support

Ken AshfordElection 2008, Popular Culture1 Comment

Variety’s managing editor tells us the campaign contributions of big stars, broken down by fiscal quarter-years.  Some snippets:

George Clooney
Q2: Obama

Barbra Streisand
Q1: Clinton, Edwards, Obama

Tobey Maguire
Q1: Obama
Q2: Clinton

Susan Sarandon
Q1: Obama
Q2: Obama (additional contribution)
Q3: Richardson, Edwards

Paul Newman
06: Dodd
Q1: Dodd (additional contribution)
Q2: Clinton, Obama, Richardson
Q3: Edwards

Tom Hanks
Q1: Obama
Q2: Clinton

Michael Douglas
Q1: Obama, Dodd, Richardson, Clinton
Q2: Richardson (additional contribution)
Q3: Kucinich

Madeleine Stowe
Q1: Edwards
Q3: Edwards (additional contribution)

Jamie Foxx
Q2: Obama

Barry Manilow
Q1: Edwards, Obama, Clinton
Q2: Biden, Paul

Chevy Chase
06: Dodd
Q1: Clinton

Elizabeth Taylor
Q1: Clinton

Forest Whitaker
Q3: Obama

Tyler Perry
Q3: Obama

Jon Bon Jovi
Q3: Clinton

Renee Zellweger
Q3: Clinton

Sean Penn
Q3: Edwards, Kucinich

Bette Midler
Q2: Richardson
Q3: Clinton, Obama

Sidney Poitier
Q3: Obama

Oprah Winfrey
Q3: Obama

Oliver Stone
Q2: Obama, Edwards

Rob Reiner
Q1: Clinton, Richardson, Edwards, Dodd

Hugh Hefner
Q1: Clinton
Q2: Obama
Q3: Clinton (additional contribution)

Not suprisingly, the commie pinkos of Hollywood are all supporting a Democrat (or, in cases like Barry Manilow, all the Democrats).  Only one contribution to a Republican candidate:

Dick Wolf
Q2: Thompson

Dick Wolf is executive producer of "Law and Order".  Could have guessed…