O Arturo, Prince of Irony

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LegaldocumentfilefoldersThe State of Texas generates too many reports.

Various state agencies and commissions are required by law to write monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly reports.  A LOT of paperwork apparently, especially when you consider that some reports are obsolete (For example, there are still report requirements for the Human Rights Commission, which the Legislature abolished in 2003).

The preparation and storage of all that paper is becoming a problem, according to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission in their recently-unveiled 668-page report, following a massive 18 month study.

NOTE:  The people who prepared the report envisioned having to write further reports on the problem, thereby ensuring their job security:

As for the commission’s massive report on reports, Heskett predicts it won’t go away.

"For the report to be effective, it must be ongoing," he said.