Naughty Crissy

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Ah, such a bright future ahead.  From a local Utah newspaper, dated September 1, 2004:

KristyCrissy Morris is just starting her career as a teacher at HHS and will be teaching geography, sociology and PE.  She hopes to make learning enjoyable for the students and make an impact in their lives. 

Crissy was born to John and Carol Thorpe and raised in Santa Maria, Calif., where she lived until her family moved to St. George when she was age 14 and at the beginning of her freshman year.


“I have a wonderful husband who works with at-risk youth [Triumph Youth Expeditions of Toquerville] and loves it,” Morris said.  She is married to Rusty Morris and they have one 4-year-old son, Andrew, “going on 20,” and another son on the way.

    Morris loves the outdoors, not only track and soccer, but other sports have been a major draw to her, whether fishing or water sports.  She is looking forward to coaching HHS girls’ soccer and track teams.

“I am very excited to start my career in a place where the community gets very involved and everyone seems to care about the youth,” said Morris.

(Emphasis mine).  Look how exciting and happy Crissy is to be starting her new career as a teacher and get involved with the youth.

But Crissy apparently took getting "involved" with the "youth" to extremes.

TeacherA teacher at Hurricane High School was arrested today, charged with five counts of rape.

Cris Morris, a 29-year-old female teacher from Washington City, is accused of having sexual intercourse with a juvenile male student. Under Utah law, a juvenile student is incapable of consenting to sexual relations with a teacher, which constitutes the act as rape.

Morris was booked into the Washington County Jail and has been placed on administrative leave while the Washington County School District investigates.

Not so happy anymore.