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Having spent some time this weekend in the mountains around Boone, I thought aloud that my mother in Concord NH would probably love to live her golden years down there.  As if to read my mind, I received a link to this story from her today:

Retire in Concord, mag says
‘U.S. News’ picks us as one of its top 10

Earlier this month, US News and World Report named Concord one of the 10 Best Places to Retire, citing its pleasant surroundings, chummy environment and "elegant" downtown. Health care, proximity to mountains and bigger cities, the local political scene and New Hampshire’s distinct seasons helped launch the city into the top bracket.

Folks around here were surprised that US News compiled retirement rankings (the magazine is better known for ranking universities) but few disputed Concord’s position on the list. The region’s population has been aging a tad faster than the rest of the country for years and – thanks in part to an influx of 50- and 60-somethings – Concord is expected to grow grayer still.

An older population has its benefits, especially one that includes the often-affluent baby boomers New Hampshire draws. Educated people with resources and free time are likely to volunteer and become involved in civic activities. But as they face the challenges of age, they’re likely to demand services that a community needs a young workforce to provide.

"We’re very blessed here in Concord," Donovan said. "It’s an awfully nice community. I’m not scared by the fact that we’re attracting a graying population, but I do hope it continues to be balanced with young families, too."

Can’t say I’m too surprised.