Meet Bethany Wilkerson

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Just like they did with the Frosts, no doubt Malkin & the right wing smear machine will start attacking the Wilkersons for this…

….but family doesn’t seem particularly concerned.

For the record, the Bo and Dara Wilkerson say they make $34,000 in combined income from restaurant jobs in St. Petersburg, Fla. They rent their house and the couple owns one car, which Bo calls “a junker.” […]

The Wilkersons said they are fully aware of the possibility that their finances and personal lives may be investigated by opponents of the SCHIP bill.

“We rent a house, we have one car that is a junker. Let them dig away,” Bo Wilkerson said. “I have $67 in my checking account. Does that answer your question?”

UPDATE:  Well that didn’t take long.