Hallmark Cards For The Felon In Your Life

Ken AshfordRandom Musings1 Comment

Now I’ve seen it all.

Okay.  They’re not Hallmark cards, but…

Three Squares Greetings is a new and unique line of greeting cards that expresses the sentiments of inmates as well as those on the outside who care about them. The creater founded the greeting card company as a result of not being able to find a suitable birthday card for a relative who was in custody that acknowledges his situation. Dissatisfied, she left store after store. Unsatisfied, and wondering about the similar disappointment she’d heard a great deal of inmates express too over the years about their desire for greeting cards that truly spoke to their situation acknowledging their situation, greeting cards that expressed their sentiments, as well as the sentiments of those communicating with them via a greeting card, she decided to fill a void in the greeting card business. Carving out a niche, we created the unique line of greeting cards with special messages for those who are incarcerated and for those who communicate with them.



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