Government Wants To Raise Your Kids

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I always thought the right wing was about small government.  But no longer.  Now they want to tell you how to raise your kids. is a government website run by the Department of Health and Human Services that is meant to provide parents with “information” to help “teens make healthy choices.”

But this “information” is not grounded in science. A recent federal report concluded that abstinence-only programs have had “no impacts on rates of sexual abstinence.” Yet the latest public service announcement by “encourages parents to talk with their kids about waiting to have sex.”

In the ad, various children say that they want their parents to talk to them about sex and tell them to “wait.” Near the end, the narrator says, “Tell your kids you want them to wait ’til they’re married to have sex.” Watch it:

In July, ThinkProgress noted that revised its website to include ideological, unscientific claims about abortion, stating that “some women” feel “sad and some use more alcohol or drugs” after having an abortion.

Additionally, when the site launched in 2005, it told parents “to convince their teens to stop having sex by telling their children that they are ‘worth it.’” But no resources were provided for “parents whose teen remains sexually active, implying that these youth are not ‘worth it.’”

Did you like that ad?  You better have, because you paid for it.  That’s what your tax dollars are going for.

Just last week, Bush vetoed a bill which would would have provided health insurance to children living in poverty.  The veto came because Bush didn’t want to spend that kind of money (he was trying to assert his fiscal conservative cred, even though he’s the biggest spending president in history).  It’s a little hard for me to understand why the government will spend money on media buys for the ad above, but not of health insurance for kids.  Go figure.