Fox News Blames California Wildfires On Al Qaeda

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Seriously, will these guys ever shut up?

UPDATE:  Glenn "I Should Be On Fox" Beck should shut up too.

UPDATE:  More silly speculation with this head-banging-against-the-wall evoking statement:

Although a new Osama bin Laden video was issued at almost exactly the same time these fires began, and might have contained a coded command to his operatives to carry out planned arsons, it makes sense that al-Qaida has claimed no credit for the fires….

bin Laden would probably be embarrassed, in the wake of his astonishing terrorist “achievement” on 9/11, to be seen resorting to mere fire setting around the homes of innocent people.

That’s right.  The absence of bin Laden taking credit for the fires only increases the possibility that he was responsible for them.

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RELATED:  KPBS is really making the best use of the Internet.  They’re using Google Maps to show, in real time, the current emergency status of the entire San Diego area — burned areas, evacuation zones, which roads are open and closed, where the evacuation centers are, all of it.