Busy, Busy, Busy

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The closing weekend of Little Shop of Horrors was successful and loads of fun.  Show got even tighter and the audiences were relatively large and appreciative.  Strike, which I thought would be the worst, was completed in about 3 hours — that includes transporting and unloading everything back at the shop.  Night hadn’t fallen yet, and we were all off to a final cast dinner.

And now I’m head-deep in Best Little Christmas Pageant Ever rehearsals.  I’m very blessed with a lot of seasoned adults — I can just give them blocking and not worry too much about them.  A lot of the kids are very seasoned and talented as well, but there are so many of them, and it’s going to be a tremendous task getting them where I want them.

In the meantime, what did I miss?  Oh, yes.  The Red Sox won the World Series in a four-game sweep.  I missed the third game entirely (didn’t even TIVO it).  I watched the fourth game in a state of semi-exhaustion.  It wasn’t the most exciting game, but for the fact that the Red Sox won and took the title.  I must say, it’s very odd being the non-underdog.  The Red Sox are the new Yankees — the big bad team that everybody loves to hate.  Well, not everybody.

What else did I miss?  I guess there was a tragic fire on the coast.  Yeah, that was bad.

But things are settling down again, and even though I’m in rehearsal, it’s a little different when you’re directing.  And VERY different when directing 30+ kids.  Oy.

I forge on.