Ann Coulter’s New Book

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A quote from it:

“I am the illegal alien of commentary. I will do the jokes that no one else will do.”

Setting aside her atrocious politics, there is a reason why "no one else will do" her "jokes".

They’re.  Not.  Funny.

Take the title of the books itself: If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans.

Now ask yourself: is that funny?

I mean, take out the politics and try it.  "If X Had Any Brains, They’d Be Not-X".

No, still not funny.

She’s basically saying that Democrats have no brains.  Oooooh.  That’s biting political satire, Ann.  The kind of humor you might find on a playground.  What’s your next book: "Liberals Are Poopypants"???

Here’s some more "humor: from Ann’s book:

“God gave us the earth. We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees. God said, ‘Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It’s yours.’”

Why, that’s comedy gold right there!

What’s strikes me about Ann’s fans is how they claim she is speaking the "truth".  The "truth" about liberals, the "truth" about this, the "truth" about that….

This is what passes, apparently, for "truth":

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m a middle-of-the-road moderate and the rest of you are crazy.”

Really?  Is that, strictly speaking, true?  Even if you buy the fact that Ann is a "moderate", is everybody else crazy?  Literally?

How about these?

“Bill Clinton’s library is the first one to ever feature an Adults Only section.”

“Mass murderers apparently can’t read, since they are constantly shooting up ‘gun-free zones.’”

It’s not truth.  It’s exaggeration.  You can make a point through exaggeration, but it should not be confused with the truth.

It’s almost trite nowadays to say it, but Ann Coulter’s success depends not on being correct or being insiteful, but by being incindiary and ugly (e.g., making light of the death of John and Elizabeth Edward’s son).  The success of her book — already number 6 on Amazon — shows that the ugliness she spews is quite popular among conservatives.

And I’m afraid we’re going to see much more of Coulter than we care to these next few weeks, as she pimps her book.

UPDATE:  From A.L.:

Right Wing News conducts a yearly survey of right-leaning blogs and asks them to rank their "Favorite People on the Right." Today the site announced the winner of this year’s survey; by an overwhelming margin, right-wing bloggers chose Rush Limbaugh. Second place went to Ann Coulter. That says just about everything you need to know about the state of modern conservatism.


Sometimes there are just no words. It’s truly not an exaggeration to say that the modern conservative movement in this country is dominated by propagandists and charlatans, people with no intellectual integrity at all. Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, the right-wing blogosphere’s two most "favorite people," aren’t even ideologues. They’re nihilists. They don’t believe in anything. They are Pied Pipers who have been entrusted to lead the Republican flock, and they’ve already led much of it far away from anything that resembles reality. And yet the Elders of the Republican village still fail to see the danger. When Limbaugh’s offensive comments and rank dishonesty are exposed, they offer Congressional resolutions commending him for being such a fine American.

Though the Limbaughs and Coulters of the world have caused untold damage to our political discourse over the years, there is reason for hope. I suspect that eventually these Pied Pipers will lead the Republican base so far astray that there will be a massive gulf separating the Republican base from the rest of the American peope. In fact I think we’re already nearing that point. It’s a long and ugly road, but it leads only toward permanent minority status.