Women Are The New Men

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Bionicwoman1At least on TV.

The upcoming shows include the totally-awesome looking Bionic Woman and a show centered around Sarah O’Connor (of "The Terminiator"). 

You’ve got a show on ABC called "Women’s Murder Club" about a female cop who solves murders with her female friends (a reporter, a medical examiner and a D.A.).  Kind of like "Sex In The City", except they solve crimes.

Even the strong-albeit-less-moral characters are women.  Mary Louise Parker is still a drug-kingpin Mom in "Weeds", and there’s another show with the self-explanatory title "Cashmere Mafia".

These are a few examples.

And what of the depiction of men?  Well, the cavemen from Geico are getting a TV series.  That about says it all.

You can read more about this entertainment trend here.

I don’t have a problem with empowered women.  The more, the merrier I say. However, I think the concept of "feminized men" and/or "doofus men" (a la Homer Simpson, Geico cavemen, etc.) is a schtick that can wear thin fast.  We’ll see.