Well, I’M Convinced

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Creationist arguments:

The really cute part is that they keep saying that evolution is "obviously" a "fairy tale" (because if you say it several times, it MUST be true).  Then they debunk evolution by mis-stating its founding principles.  While energy may have played a role in the origins of life, the first life created was microscopic in size.  And THEN, having mistated the role of energy in the origins of life, they ignore it altogether in their peanut butter experiment.

I did a little research on the guy in that video, Chuck Missler.  He’s not a scientist.  He’s (surprise, surprise) a preacher with his own ministry.  He’s also a UFO nut, thinking (from scripture and his research) that aliens have already invaded us.

But here’s my favorite part of one of the bios I read:

Chuck Missler is an extremely intelligent man who loves the Lord and has a heart to serve God and others. The only possible negative thing that can be said about Chuck is that he tends to speak slightly above the comprehension of most people. One woman was overheard commenting, "I have no idea what Chuck is talking about, but he must be right."

I worry about the people who think that Chuck is speaking above them.

Another popular evolution-debunking video stars Kirk Cameron (who doesn’t say much) and this guy (ray Comfort).  Rather than debunk science, they simply say that God must have created everything because the banana is so utilitarian.  They call the banana (no, I’m not making this up) "The Atheist’s Nightmare".

My question is this: If the banana is so perfect in design that only God could have created it, then why aren’t all fruits and vegetables shaped like a banana?  Are they less than perfect?  And if so, why did God design them?

But there’s an even greater flaw with this video — bananas like the one he is holding are domesticated fruits.  In other words, they were designed — agriculturally engineered — by man over the course of many centuries: