That I Can Do, I Can Do That

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20060617ho_brawny_logo_230Picking up from this post yesterday, the Popular Machanics article lists 25 skills every man should know.  I’m not looking forward to this.

1. Patch a radiator hose

That’s in a car, right?  I guess that would be a NO.

2. Protect your computer

This I can do.  I suspect many women can too.  I mean, computers come with the protection software, right?  Still, I merit a YES

3. Rescue a boater who as capsized

What the hell?  Okay, what is a boater?  I assume that means a person who is on a boat.  But how can a person be capsized?  Sure, the boat can be capsized, but the person?  Sure, I know how to pull a person from the water, but…. Oh, well.  Since I don’t understand the question, I guess I get a NO

4. Frame a wall

I can put a frame on a wall.  Does that count?  Oh. okay.  NO

5. Retouch digital photosi

Why, YES, I can use my manly virile attributes and click "Clear redeye" on my Photoshop.  Arrrrrr!

6. Back up a trailer

Into what?  I suppose I could, but I’ve never had an opportunity to.  What’s the diffiulty?  I’ve backed up a large U-Haul and a school bus, so I’m giving myself a YES here.

7. Build a campfire

Presumably, I have matches, right?  I mean, I’m not like Tom Hanks on that island, right?  YES, I know how to do this.  Make a teepee with the wood blah blah blah….

8. Fix a dead outlet

Believe it or not, YES

9. Navigate with a map and compass

Hey!  I can navigate without a map and compass, too.  By the stars!  No kidding.  Big YES here.

10. Use a torque wrench

Okay.  I actually tried this not too long ago to replace my kitchen faucet.  Long story short, I lack a kitchen faucet.  NO

11. Sharpen a knife

Um, you use a knife sharpener.  YES

12. Perform CPR

YES.  Again I ask, why is this a "man" skill?

13. Fillet a fish

Ugh.  Why?  NO

14. Maneuver a car out of a skid

Yeah, but here’s the thing.  That whole "turn in to the skid" thing is crap.  You can’t recall it when you need it.  But the answer is YES

15. Get a car unstuck

Presumably, this does not mean call AAA to get the car unstuck.  But even still, I’m going to give myself a YES

16. Back up data

The answer is YES, but I don’t do it nearly as often as I should

17. Paint a room


18. Mix concrete

And get all dirty? NO

19. Clean a bolt-action rifle

For the love of all things holy, NO

20. Change oil and filter

Well, I did once but as I recall, it was a fiasco.  So that’s a NO.  (Bet I could next time if I tried though)

21. Hook up an HDTV

Piece of cake.  That’s a YES

22. Bleed brakes

They bleed?  Really?  Okay.  Is that, like, a good thing?  Guess I deserve a NO on that one.

23. Paddle a canoe

Why, YES.  Not that hard really.

24. Fix a bike flat

Unless the technology has changed since, oh, twenty years ago, the answer is YES.

25. Extend your wireless network

Child’s play.  YES


16 out of 25.  Better than I thought.