Terrorizing Your Kids

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If the objective is terrorism is to spread terror, then this guy is doing the terrorists’ work.

Here’s how he prefaces his "chlidren’s book" (which is really a Flash animation) about terrorism:

Dear Concerned American
On September 11, 2001, a most vicious and dangerous enemy attacked our nation and gave a wake up call to every American.  Now nearly eight years after that tragic day, a day that we pledged to never forget, there is a generation coming to a tender age that have never witnessed the evil achievements of the terrorists with their own eyes.
I feel it is my duty as an American, a Parent and as a man of faith to prepare this tender generation as well as the generations yet to come for the dark future that could lie ahead of them.  In today‚Äôs haze of liberal propaganda, it is hard to know whom to trust and these vicious left wing tactics of trying to dispel the obvious terrorist threats around us are only confusing our children.
And so in order to "dispel" myths and inform our children about the "true"ness of terrorism, we get a little animated book with true-to-life images like this….


That’s right, kids.  Terrorists are in your bathroom.  Four of them to be precise, if you count the one sticking his bazooka through the bathroom window. 

And don’t be fooled by that rubber ducky you play with.  It’s actually glued on to the helmet of a terrorist!  You might think you’re safe from him, because explosive belts probably don’t work in the bathtub water.  But you’ld be wrong — there’s that other terrorist lurking around the wall ready to blow you up.  And if that’s not enough, there’s the machine gunner terrorist crouching behind the toilet who will riddle your pre-exploded body with bullets.  And for good measure, of course, the terrorist outside has a bazooka to totally waste your pre-exploded bullet-ridden prepubsecent body.

And you thought the bullies at school were bad!!!

What to do?  Pray to God?


Yeah, good luck with that, kid.  The terrorists are listening in….

Of course, there is a happy ending.  That last image shows George W. Bush holding an assault rifle as he stands surrounded by adoring toddlers.  Phew!  Our hero!

Click here to enjoy the truth-filled animation.  Or, as the site’s proprietor says, "So turn off the television, gather the family around the easy chair and enjoy these fun and educational stories that you can cherish in your family forever."