Little Shop Of Horrors Cast Announcement

Ken AshfordLocal Interest, Theatre2 Comments

Congrats to the cast of Little Shop of Horrors, to be performed by Winston-Salem Theatre Alliance on October 19-28. 

Get tickets now! Performed at SECCA.  All shows at 8 pm, except Sundays at 2 pm. FOR INFORMATION CALL 336.768.5655

Images3 Seymour: Gray Smith

Audrey:  Cheri Van Loon

Chiffon: Venessa Martinez

Crystal:  Emily Snow

Ronnette:  Cary Newberry

Cherelle/Urchin # 4:  Nichelle Wright

Mushnik:  Ken Ashford

Orin:  Zack Brown

Male Ensemble: Dan Lee & Jordan Long

Audrey II: Dennis Raley

Plant Operator:  Winston Sims

This is an unofficial cast list, seeing as how I got the info from a very faint phone recording and I couldn’t catch all the names.  Apologies also for any misspellings.

Anyone who has worked with Jamie knows he doesn’t pussyfoot around when it comes to blocking.  Tonight, the first rehearsal, he’s outdoing even himself — we’re blocking the entire show (top to bottom) tonight.  (Of course, we’ll be skipping over choreographed numbers).