List Of Regrets

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In no particular order:

  1. Missed Heather in Five By — I was going to go Sunday but they were sold out!  And now she’s wafted off to NYC….
  2. Emily did the Wait Wait thing the right way
  3. Turned off the Red Sox last night when they were down 4-1 (they still lost 4-3; but it almost ended with another Papi walk off in the bottom of the ninth)
  4. Never having seen "Ugly Betty" (Is it really that good?)
  5. Number of times I actually used my pool this very hot summer: once
  6. Not managing to get on the river with Que for yet another summer

Speaking of Que, she told me years ago that I suffer from seasonal depression (as does Que herself).  I guess that’s probably true, even though fall is my favorite season.  Honestly, I don’t feel depressed, but there’s something about going from several weeks in the high 90’s to it suddenly being 61 degrees (like it is now) that kind of makes a body feel . . . blah.