Liberal Academia?

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About a week ago, Erwin Chemerinsky, the well-known constitutional law scholar at Duke, signed a contract to be the inaugural Dean of the new law school at the University of California at Irvine.

Yesterday, the Chancellor of the University of Cailfornia at Irvine flew to Durham and fired Chemerinsky, saying that he had not been aware of how Chemerinsky’s political views would make him a target for criticism from conservatives.

From what I understand, Chemerinsky was not intending to turn UC-Irvine Law School into socialist conclave.

And Glenn Reynolds, he of the center-to-right:

he’s a nice, fair guy regardless of his politics — which aren’t that liberal by law school standards — and which just shouldn’t matter anyway.


Firing someone because they might be a "target for criticism from conservatives" is just nonsensical.  And it has nothing to do with which side of the aisle you are on.  If a law school dean was fired because they might be a "target for criticism from liberals", that too would be absurd.