Let The Jokes Begin

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A Croatian motorbiker’s penis was zapped by lightning as he stopped beside the road to take a leak.

Ante Djindjic, 29, from Zagreb, said: "I don’t remember what happened. One minute I was taking a leak and the next thing I knew I was in hospital.


Djindjic, who suffered light burns to his chest and arms, added: "Thankfully, the doctors said that there would be no lasting effects, and my penis will function normally eventually."

I left out the most interesting part:

"Doctors said the lightning went through my body and because I was wearing rubber boots it earthed itself through my penis."

That’s right — lightning literally shot out from his, uh, unit.  He gets 100,000 boasting points for that. 

A (female) co-worker of mine (who shall remain nameless) quips: "Could have been worse.  Instead of taking a leak, someone could have been giving him [oral graitication] at the time."

Yes, that’s true.  Worse for who, though?