Help Find Fossett

Ken AshfordScience & TechnologyLeave a Comment

A little over a week ago, adventurer Steve Fossett was reported missing in Nevada, after he failed to return from a solo flight. 

Now you can now help search for Fossett using your personal computer.  Using new satellite images of the search area, you can browse through online images, searching for signs of the plane.

You can also use Google Earth if you want to get a closer look at a particular piece of ground (according to this article, current satellite images for import into Google Earth became available last Saturday). If you find something, simply flag the image and a team of experts will inspect it. Every image will be reviewed by multiple volunteers, so don’t worry that you might accidentally miss something.

The volunteer search is being coordinated through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk system, a central system where you (and hundreds/thousands) can work from your computer (typically for pay, although not in this case).  You can get started searching by clicking the link….