Flashback To 2003

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Remember why we invaded Iraq in the first place?  Bush and his supporters will tell you its because Saddam didn’t comply with the U.N. resolutions.

They’ll say Saddam wouldn’t disarm.  Of course, Saddam, not having WMDs in the first place, couldn’t disarm.

They’ll say that Saddam wouldn’t allow the UN inspectors to complete their inspections, which — while true for a while in 2002 — was not true at the time that Bush declared war.  Remember, Bush had the UN inspectors pulled from Iraq; Saddam didn’t throw them out.

Of course, many (like me) believe that Bush was going to invade Iraq anyway regardless of any UN resolutions.

And now there’s a smoking gun proving it — transcripts of a Bush discussion with the Spanish prime minister on February 22, 2003:

El Pais, the highest-circulation daily in Spain, today published what it said was the transcript of a private talk between President George W. Bush and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar on February 22, 2003, concerning the coming U.S. invasion of Iraq. It took place at the ranch in Crawford, Texas.

The conversation took place on the President’s ranch in Crawford, Texas. The source for the leak was said to be someone in the Spanish government.

Bush purportedly said he planned to invade Iraq inf March "if there was a United Nations Security Council resolution or not….We have to get rid of Saddam. We will be in Baghdad at the end of March."

He said the U.S. takeover would happen without widespread destruction.

Aznar pleaded for patience and replied that it was vital to get a U.N. resolution, noting that public opinion in Spain was strongly against the war.