Disaster Preparedness

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Six years after 9/11, and two years after Katrina, it still looks like FEMA and the country’s disaster preparedness plans are still a disaster:

Robert C. Bohlmann, emergency manager for York County in Maine and spokesman for the International Association of Emergency Managers, warned at the hearing about a "major disconnect" between that legislation and the new National Response Framework (NRF), which states that the secretary of homeland security is in charge of managing domestic incidents.

Testifying before a House Transportation and Infrastructure subcommittee, Bohlmann said the framework — streamlined to about 78 pages from its predecessor, the 427-page National Response Plan — lacks substance.

"The draft NRF that we have reviewed appears to be more like a public relations document rather than a response plan or framework," Bohlmann said.

Let’s hope nothing happens like an earthquake, major hurricane, etc.