Chocolate Overload

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Both_bars For chocolate lovers, this is a nice review of what is like to eat a chocolate bar with 99% cocoa.  Keep in mind that a regular Hershey bar is 11% cocoa, and a "Special Dark" Hershey bar is only 45% cocoa.  Most exotic varients of "dark chocolate" only clock in at around 60%.

I especially liked this part:

I carefully opened the cardboard shell of the 99% bar and pulled out a foil tray. I was more than a bit surprised to find warnings on the wrapper that instructed me to work my way up to the 99% bar via the 70% and 85% versions.

It goes on:

I was at first struck by a mild bitterness, but that quickly passed (and was not to return for the rest of the session). The super-dark chocolate melted quickly and imparted a decidedly creamy mouthfeel, not unlike a fine caramel. Perhaps the most surprising trait was the absence of chocolate flavor, at least not in the traditional sense. The confection was not tasteless — no, it was simply unlike any chocolate I had ever experienced. Even the 85% bar was a world apart.

Read the whole thing.