Another GOP Scandal In The Offing?

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I mentioned it last month; you may have heard about it — the double murder/suicide in Florida involving GOP operatives.  Speculation was (and remains) that this involved some gay lovers’ tryst.  Or something.  The dead men were:

Ralph Gonzalez, 39, his roommate, David Abrami, 36, and a friend, Robert Drake, 30….

Gonzalez was executive director of the Georgia Republican Party from 2001-2002. He managed U.S. Rep. Tom Feeney’s 2002 campaign and was president of Strategum Group, an Orlando-based political consulting firm that represents Republican candidates.

Well, our state’s representative is being touched by this mess.  Read this — not from some liberal rag — but from the North Carolina Conservative:


The North Carolina Conservative first reported last week that Congressman Patrick McHenry had ties to persons involved in a double murder/suicide in Florida. Sources told us that one of the men killed was Ralph Gonzalez, a gay Republican political consultant, an associate of McHenry who “helped on his campaign.” The same source told us that the shooter, Robert Drake who is reportedly connected with a gay escort service and another murder in Virginia, was “tight with McHenry and ran elections for him.” McHenry’s office has reportedly admitted that the congressman had an unspecified relationship with Drake.

Hmmmm.  When you couple this with rumors about young strapping Republican (male) volunteers coming to spend the night at McHenry’s house, it doesn’t look good.  More here.