Another Dirty Moral Values Person

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Sex in a men’s bathroom?  Visiting prostitutes?  Being a prostitute?  It’s like a parlor game trying to guess the next GOP/"moral values" crusader who gets caught doing something very naughty.

78701testerToday’s contestent is the 58 year old Rev. Tommy Tester of Bristol, Virginia.  He’s a Baptist minister and works for a Christian radio station:

Police in Johnson City arrested a Bristol, Virginia, minister for driving under the influence…

DWI.  Hmmm.  Well, that’s not too bad I guess.  We’ve certainly seen worse from the moral majority crowd.

A report also accuses Tester of offering police officers sexual favors…

Oh, dear.  Not good. 

Police say 58-year-old Tommy Tester urinated in front of children at a car wash…

Oh please God.  Tell me there’s not more.

…while wearing a skirt.

Waiter?  Check, please.