Today’s GOP Sex Scandal

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And it’s a doozy, ’cause it involves dead bodies:

Three men in their 30s have been found dead in a residence owned by the former Executive Director of the Georgia Republican Party in Orlando, Florida.

On Thursday morning a concerned friend of one of the men called the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities went to 2420 Hickory Oak Blvd. in Orlando where they found the bodies, as well as a pair of dogs. The dogs were still alive but had been alone for at least a few days. The men may have been dead since Tuesday.

The men were:

Ralph Gonzalez, 39, his roommate, David Abrami, 36, and a friend, Robert Drake, 30….

Gonzalez was executive director of the Georgia Republican Party from 2001-2002. He managed U.S. Rep. Tom Feeney’s 2002 campaign and was president of Strategum Group, an Orlando-based political consulting firm that represents Republican candidates.

Abrami, an attorney, was active in Republican politics as well.

So why are these three guys — two of whom were active in Republican politics, one of whom headed the GOP in Georgia — dead?

…an apparent double murder-suicide possibly sparked by a lovers’ quarrel, according to detectives.

Interesting to note that Tom Feeney (R-Fla) is opposed to gay marriage.