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Want to hear LIVE modern classical music on the web?

You can, right now.

In 1987, John Cage composed a musical piece titled Organ²/ASLSP (As SLow aS Possible), with instruction that it should be played as slow as possible.

But how slow? In a 1997 conference, a group of organists, musicians and philosophers came up with a project to play Cage’s piece over 639 years! They got started in 2001 (a view days before 9/11), and although that was quite a while ago, you haven’t missed much: they’ve only played 5 notes so far.  The note that is being played now is a triad — it looks like A,C,F#.

The next note in the piece will come on May 7, 2008.

My thoughts:  It doesn’t have a good beat, and you can’t dance to it.