Dept. Of Bad Excuses: Part II

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FloridablowjobSo as you probably know by now, Florida State Rep. Bob Allen (R-Pervert) offered $20 to an undercover cop if the cop would accept a blowjob.  This happened in a restroom in a public park.

Upon arrest, Allen’s excuse was that the park was full of black men, and the guy in the bathroom stall next to him (the undercover cop) was a black man, so naturally, Allen was frightened of "becoming a statistic".  So naturally, Allen did what any of us would do when we’re in the company of scary black men — we offer them money so we can fellate them.  Makes sense, right?

But why was Allen hanging out for so long in the park’s restroom to begin with?

Well, Allen has a perfectly reasonable explanation for that, too, which was revealed yesterday in court documents.  Turns out he was afraid of getting hit by lightning.

One wonders why Allen didn’t simply offer $20 to perform oral sex on the lightning, but that’s his affair.

He’s still planning on running for a state Senate seat in 2010, by the way.