Daily Dispatches From The GOP “Moral Values” Hit Parade

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Geez, it never ends.

First, another one from Minnesota (on top of the one I mentioned yesteday):

Tim Droogsma, a former press secretary to a U.S. senator and a Minnesota governor, was arrested Tuesday in a midafternoon prostitution sting on St. Paul’s East Side.

He allegedly arranged a deal for sex from an undercover officer through Craig’s List, police spokesman Tom Walsh said Wednesday.

Second, from here in North Carolina, an update on a previously reported sex scandal from last month:

Coy Privette, preacher, former republican state legislator and current county commissioner pleaded guilty this morning to 6 counts of "aiding and abetting prostitution". He was sentenced to 1 year of supervised probation, 48 hours of community service and "psychological treatment", which he apparently is already getting.

The dude was the Director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina for fifteen years.